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Clicktale is an optimization tool which tracks the activities performed by different visitors of a particular website and allows the owner to modify pages based on the difficulty observed by the visitors of the website. Behavior of a visitor on each page associated with the website can be tracked si... read more > helps in analyzing a ‘website’ and providing traffic stats and demographic data associated with a particular website. The statistics provided allows one to understand the marketing strategy used by competitors including the keyword used, these insights can be utilized by busi... read more >
Mouseflow lets website owners track visitor activity on their websites. Features include mouse movement statistics (including clicks, key strokes, scroll events, and form interaction), click and movement heatmaps, attention heatmaps, and link analytics. This range of features is perfect for web agen... read more >
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Inspectlet has a straight forward heatmap that’s easy to track over your site. They also offer a recording session that you can easily try out right away. Mouseflow has the 30-day money back guarantee, which will give you some security when it comes to being locked in for payments. ClickTale has a...
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Mouseflow is ideal for small business owners and those new to analytics and heatmaps. The service is useful for beginners offering a free plan you can try out for as long as needed. Click Tale is focused on higher end businesses due to their large suite of features such as mobile tools and conversio...
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There are numerous ways to analyze your website and web pages to find out where your visitors are reading and clicking. Heatmapping is another great way to analyze your website. These three heatmapping tools all have features that can help you understand the visitors to your website and what they ar...
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The highly accurate statistical information available at is now offered in the convenience of a mobile app. Compete, Inc. launches Compete Site Analytics as a mobile app available through iTunes. The mobile app gives users detailed US data on specific domains in an easy-to-read format. T...
Published by Christy Birmingham 61 months ago in | +8 votes | 3 comments
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how to add articles?
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Today, websites plays an awfully vital role in every business. Your web site creates perception in consumer's mind concerning your company and it additionally helps you reach your target cluster and generate leads for the company. In this situation it might be important decide on knowledgeable net a...
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